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30 years ago, I trained as a professional hair colorist & chemical technician with edgy salons that are world renowned in the field. I was in a creative field that I loved and helping others to feel good about themselves was a great feeling! However, as I apprenticed, my hands became chapped & burned from chemical contact. I lost sense of smell & taste from the ammonia I inhaled daily from hair color and perms.

In 2000 I graduated from further University studies and spent the following 6 years in the medical field. After realizing how toxic our healthcare system can be, I began investigating the health effects of our daily existence in a modern world. I eventually found my way back to the beauty industry. Thus, I discovered the same adverse and toxic connections in a huge industry that promotes health and well-being.

The chemicals entering our waterways from personal care items we use daily are now equivilant to pharmaceuticals. These endocrine disruptors and carcinogens are not only killing aquatic life and cause abnormalities of fish and marine life, but also come back to us in our drinking water. “Eco” literally means ‘consequence’. So let’s be consequence-friendly.

If we, in the beauty industry truly educate ourselves and our clients about the health dynamics of what we impose on ourselves and our clients, I believe that we can all take a stand, thus helping to change the beauty industry in a positive way.

Many popular companies that claim to be organic or natural still use chemicals in their ingredients. Truths are hidden in clever advertising. Some natural beauty lines are owned by the same corporations that disregard any responsibility towards our health and the environment as well as needless animal testing.

There are no U.S. laws about labeling beauty products organic or natural. Make it your mission to educate yourself about personal care items. Remember, you vote with your dollar. Know about the companies that you support with your money. Discuss these issues with your friends and find true organic, chemical-free products that work for you.

Together, we can create a better world.
















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